About us

Softag is a portal created by users, who tired of being affected by the annoying malwares, decide to create the portal to offer the user quality downloads, free and free of viruses.

1 - We do not use Installers
Unlike the vast majority of download sites, our downloads are 100% free and do not put malware in your system or change your home page.

2 - 100% safe downloads
We analyze all of our downloads to make sure that everything you download is virus-free and completely safe.

3 - Best downloads
Many portals order their downloads based on who pays more, we do not accept any compensation for it, we order the downloads according to our criteria.

4 - Quality assurance
We do not accept money for including programs in our portal, we only offer what we have previously tested and have seen that has some quality.

We hope you like Softag.com and thank us for all our efforts recommending the web to your acquaintances.

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